Sonja Duncan has 27 years environmental, sustainability, human rights and business planning experience with a strong knowledge of and passion for business, community and stakeholder consultation and engagement across a variety of industry sectors.
She has worked throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, including undertaking environmental and social impact audits and stakeholder consultation work in Laos, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. As part of this work, Sonja analyses audit outcomes and prepares comprehensive audit reports for her clients, including financial institutions.
Sonja has consulted on large scale infrastructure projects, reviewed water and wastewater management programs and systems, gold and copper mining projects and other local and national projects which required addressing the nexus between social (human rights), environmental and safety issues and ensuring risks are effectively managed and potential impacts are mitigated.
Sonja has extensive experience in sustainable supply chain management, having worked with businesses to assess sustainability and business risks across their supply chain and develop action plans to mitigate these risks. More recently, Sonja has been working with businesses to specifically assess the risks of modern slavery in operations and supply chain. She has undertaken gap analyses and supplier surveys, analyzed results and provided detailed client reports identifying risks and opportunities.
Sonja holds a Master of Laws from the University of New South Wales, a Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Newcastle, and a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Biology from the University of Newcastle. She further holds a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability from Swinburn University, and Certifications in Environmental Auditing, Workplace Training & Assessment, Workplace Safety, Marketing and Public Relations