Selena is the acting Chair of the Board of Directors at ASEI – Uganda and an experienced Design Thinker, Entrepreneur and former lecturer at UNSW. As a senior lecturer of Design Studies at UNSW, she coordinated courses in Design Management and Practice, identity, Branding, Sustainability, Whole Systems Design and Cross Disciplinary Collaboration for Innovation. Originally qualifying for a Bachelor of Industrial Design, Honors, Selena has worked as a design manager in a variety of contexts from in in-house to international consultancy.
Griffith researches in Design Management, Sustainability, Collaboration, Social Innovation, Futures and Education. She is very interested in how organizations can most effectively utilize design thinking to deliver more sustainable products and services. Further, her interests are in Co-creation and nexus – where people from different backgrounds and professions come together in collaboration that results in innovation and new perceptions and has developed courses to teach the skills needed to run multidisciplinary creative collaborations. She is a fellow of the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and the European Academy of Design