Highlights of ASEI Team’s Official Visit to Fort Portal S.S.

Andrew, Moses and Davis officially visited Fort-Portal secondary school to explain in great detail the proposed CODE program to the school top administration. After the official meeting, the team was offered an undeniable opportunity to talk to students at the school general assembly about the Program.

In their short presentation, Moses enlightened about the general concepts to be tackled in the CODE Program and clearly emphasized on how the program will be highly flexible depending on the prevailing situations and the interests of the participating students. He further explained on how important the CODE program is to the students of their generation given the technological advancements in the societies they look forward to flourish in. The program among other merits gives students the opportunity to interact actively with computers, learn mysterious logics behind different technological innovations and systems and also equip students with basic computer programing skills which are necessary while introduced at such an early stage of their life to enable them evoke their intuition towards further discoveries and implementations.

Andrew similarly illustrated the operation of “Woody” a locally designed collision detection robot to the students. He explained on how Woody’s design delivers inspiration from the concept of collision detection technology in smart cars which has been implemented necessarily to prevent accidents. The students were clearly amazed with it and according to the few students that the team managed to interact with after the assembly, there was a great expression of interest as these students want to learn and probably exploit these technologies in different aspects of life. In fact one student after inquiring about the program said:

This robot is really nice. I would also dream of making some thing like this and even more. I really like the program and once it starts, I surely will be part of it.

S.3 Student Fort-Portal S.S.
Innovation Lead Demonstration a collision detection robot to students.
Andrew Innovation Lab Lead Demonstrating a Collision Detection robot to students.

The team and the school administration look further to work together to see how best the program can kickstart at the school when students report back from their short holidays.