The Ekiitumba (Banana Stem) project is an initiative at African STEM Education Initiative (ASEI) which is being proposed as a fundamental contributor to social economic transformation and environmental protection. The project aims at bringing to realization, the unprecedented potential of the banana pseudo stem (Ekiitumba) in contributing towards climate change action and social economic transformation of communities in the Rwenzori region.
Recently, there is a growing public and international outcry to ensure environmental protection through minimized pollution and environmental resources conservation. To achieve this, several campaigns like “Tuve Ku Kavera in Uganda” meaning let’s do away with plastic packaging bags have been conducted to sensitize the population masses and eventualize minimal or no plastic bags’ use in the communities, but little alternatives to the plastic bags exist and thus making it difficult for the population to do away with them. On this basis, we propose this project which will ensure production of alternative packaging bags made out of fiber extracted from the “wasteful” banana pseudo stem.

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