The space is a one stop centre for all individuals interested in using shared equipment to learn, ideate and collaborate on engineering design projects.
Currently, the makerspace can support self-directed learning of electronics, coding in Arduino IDE, robotics and other STEM projects supported by Arduino software and hardware. It’s an opportunity for secondary and vocational students to learn from peers and add up their expertise of practical engineering skills such as Design, simulations, troubleshooting, debugging, automation and IoT.
ASEI – Engineering space will have 3-D printers to enhance rapid prototyping, testing and simulations, Computer Numerical Control Machines (CNC) for advanced wood work related designs, cutters, joinery and metal fabrication machinery.


This is a list of tools at the ASEI Design Engineering Makerspace. This list will help us keep track of information about the tools and their general status. Per the ASEI Makerspace Code of Conduct, all tools/resources must stay on the premises so that other members may use them.
Completion of a training class, or verification of equivalent experience by a qualified member, is required to use some of the tools available at the space.
An ASEI personnel who knows how to use the equipment will be there to help when you ask.
If you are looking for a training class, keep an eye on the ASEI design engineering makerspace events calendar. If no class is scheduled, create one by asking the mailing list for any other potential students and members willing to assist you.


ASEI believes learners, volunteers, trainers, and employees have the right to participate in an environment that is respectful, safe, and positive. With this right comes the responsibility to ensure a respectful, safe, and positive experience for everyone involved in any programming we lead. The following Code of
Conduct is designed to provide you and/or your child with that security. This Code of Conduct applies to all participants in any activities at the ASEI Design Engineering Makerspace.


Loaning of Tools & Equipment to The Makerspace
Members can generously provide tools or equipment for use in the space, either by donating them outright or by loaning them. When equipment is loaned, the following conditions apply:

  1. All loaned equipment must be marked or labeled with the owner’s name.
  2. Permission of the accepting committee – which will be responsible for the tool – must be obtained before the loan will be accepted
  3. The owner must contact the accepting committee so that they can record the following information: Name of owner, Equipment being loaned, Serial number if available and Terms or conditions of the loan
  1. Equipment is loaned subject to the understanding that it is preferable for ASEI makerspace to own their equipment, rather than borrow it. ASEI may seek to buy equipment in order to replace loaned items, which are then returned.
  2. Loaned items may be returned at any time, by request of the owner or as determined by the accepting committee.
  3. ASEI is NOT responsible for maintenance of loaned equipment, but may maintain it as determined by the accepting committee.
  4. ASEI is NOT responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of equipment. However, efforts will be made to provide reasonably secure storage.


Donations of items intended to be used or consumed by the ASEI makerspace, must be explicitly accepted by the committee chairperson in whose area the items are to be stored or used.

  1. The Treasurer may reject donations at their discretion
  2. Donations not explicitly accepted by a committee will not be accepted by ASEI; if the donor delivers them to ASEI without explicit acceptance they will be disposed of as the responsible committee sees fit.
  3. Donations of motor vehicles must have written approval of 3 Board


  1. The makerspace is not a storage facility, personal property left at the
    space that does not follow these rules, will be considered donations.
  2. Personal property can only be stored in designated Project Storage Areas.
  3. Personal property stored in the Project Storage Areas must follow the rules
    and policies created which may be change at any time.
  4. Members


These notes are not officially part of the Rules and are only meant to provide additional
information or an interpretation of the rules on equipment usage.
1. You will not be asked to replace/repair equipment due to honest mistakes, we just want to
know WHY something broke so we can prevent it in the future.
2. This includes taking out the trash, wiping down tables, vacuuming/sweeping floors,
returning tools to the proper place, etc.
3. Primary contact is via

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