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African STEM Education Initiative
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African STEM Education Initiative
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Who We

ASEI is a non-profit organization fully focused on increasing capacity for innovation in Africa through youth and community STEM projects which involves providing and assisting communities adapt to a new pedagogical approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in Uganda. The approach ensures that students and youth are involved in project-based learning in STEM fields while also cultivating skills such as collaboration, problem identification and solving, critical thinking which make them globally responsible citizens.
Set out to inspire innovation in Africa through STEM, ASEI’s innovation makerspace provides an opportunity through space, equipment, human capital, access to research and academia to the community, industry, public sector and development partners to innovate new or even adopt existing technologies/models that respond to key issues in the agriculture value chain, renewable energy, tourism, water and environment which are key sectors in socioeconomic and environmental transformation of Uganda and the entirety of Africa.

Mission Icon

To be a leading force in developing youth STEM, entrepreneurship and innovation capacity
in Africa.

To increase capacity for innovation in Africa through youth and community STEM projects that create a sustainable ecosystem which is innovative, engaged, and contributes to the economic development of communities.

To provide a holistic trransforrmation of young people and disadvantaged communities by offering training, empowerment and exposurre to life changing technologies and innovations.

Our Approach

ASEI’s approach answers Uganda’s current woes of not having a clear linkage between communities, industry, academia and researchers which has undermined innovation within industry and the community. Through STEM programs such as CODE and the innovation makerspace delivered in collaboration with learning institutions, students and youth now have the opportunity to cultivate a wealth of knowledge, skills and exposure that inspire job creation and a global workforce.

A student doesn’t need to have finished high school or graduated with good grades or finished university with a STEM degree to become a member of the ASEI engineering makerspace. This approach is inclusive and allows youth along their education path to pursue these skills. Majority have questioned the credibility and efficacy of higher education in Uganda arguing that vocational education outshines higher education, but ASEI’s approach ensures that learning institutions can help students cultivate skills alongside education on their path to the world of work. Higher education with skills and an enabling environment will inspire Uganda to industrialization, the digital economy and sustainability whilst exploiting untapped sectors like space.

ASEI’s plan to actualize private ventures as span-outs from its research or by its partner research institutions offers a distinct advantage of working with the local communities to deliver evidence-based solutions that will improve access to safe and affordable water, contribute to Uganda’s Green Growth Strategy 2030, and use of technology to improve agricultural productivity and livelihoods.

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ASEI operations
cut across different sectors
in the ecosystem;



Promoting usage of alternative energy sources especially solar and bioenergy which are affordable and extendable to marginalized communities


Innovating to fundamentally contribute towards increased access to clean and safe water by communities especially those off the national water grid



Refining to uplift STEM through education innovations that ensure adequate STEM skilling to students and youth in communities.


Boosting local tourism through innovations that ensure efficiency of the service providers and promote influx of tourists to the Rwenzori region


Strengthening agriculture and processing through providing and promoting innovative solutions to fundamental challenges affecting agriculture and the food sector.



Promoting conservation of environmental resources through innovations and programs that are focused towards reducing pollution and over utilization of natural resources.

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